Acrobats of the Air

The acrobats of the air sculptures appear to sail effortlessly through the air. These beautiful and expressive artworks make a strong artistic impression. My initials “St.H.” (Steffen Hentzschel) appear on every sculpture and stand for genuine handcraft and innovation. Each natural stone sculpture is unique and is legally certified by the German department of patents and copyrights. 

These unique birds sculptures are attached exclusively to their supports through the tip of the beak. The bases are composed of basalt stone, wood or other materials.

My newest development is based on a similar principle. A large difference is, which the leverage with a stone ball and a thin water film is stored. Now it is possible to create with a wingspan of 20 cm until far over 300 cm. The birds are bring with this new principle an incomparable charm by their self-dynamics in each in- and outdoor range.

Let yourself be inspired by the sculptures shown on the following pages and discover the lightness and liveliness of stone.